"Language is the most massive and inclusive art we know, a mountainous and anonymous work of unconscious generations."
-- Edward Sapir (1921)

Max Bane

[bane at uchicago dot ee dee yu]

I am a PhD student in Linguistics, and a research assistant in the Chicago Language Modeling Lab.
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My Vocal Tract

MRI midsagittal sections

Each image was acquired by a 21-second FLASH sequence on a 3-Tesla Siemens Trio scanner. Click for high-resolution.


Here I am in a resting position, breathing through my nose, tongue against the palate, velum lowered. That dent in my ample neck-fat is from the "bird-cage" contraption that was stabilizing my head.


Producing the low, back, unrounded vowel in "father", holding it steady for the 21 seconds of image acquisition.


Producing the high, front, unrounded vowel in "free".


Producing the high, back, rounded vowel in "foo".


Producing the mid-high, back, rounded vowel in "low", as a steady-state monophthong (no off-glide).

Syllabic [r] (rhoticized schwa)

Producing the syllabic [r] in "fur". Note lip-rounding, and bunched tongue (not retroflex).